A Handy Guide to Tiger Stripes

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There are a lot of names for them from tiger stripes to unsightly blemishes but ultimately, stretch marks are something that decorate our bodies after a period of extreme weight loss, extreme weight gain or pregnancy. There are tons of old wives’ tales and homemade potions that promise to get rid of the marks decorating your bum, hips, boobs, arms… let’s face it, if you have good elasticity in your skin, stretch marks are a given if you have a big change to your skin. You can slather on every lotion under the sun and attend ultherapy skin treatment in Orange County but there’s no real way to avoid them entirely. You can make them appear less visible and by all means, book yourself into a spa for the day and convince yourself (and your husband!) that coolsculpting treatment in Orange County will make it go away, but really it won’t.

Stretch marks appear when the collagen and elastin fibres tear in the skin. Puberty, weight changes in the extreme and pregnancy are the most common causes and it’s not actually as simple as being the result of the skin over stretching. Gaining and losing weight at a rapid level is one of the many reasons you can see stretch marks road map your skin. Your hormones play a very big part in whether you will have those tiger stripes adorning your English rose skin. The hormones are what causes the collagen and elastin fibres to tear when the skin is stretched and genetics also play a very large role in your future of stretch marks. If your mother was lucky enough to avoid them her whole life, then it can mean you end up sporting a beach ball baby bump stripe free and clear.

You can’t actually prevent the marks from happening. By all means, slather on that cocoa butter or oil that the internet convinced you would work, it will moisturise your skin beautifully and likely help the appearance become less. Stretch marks will still happen. There are ways you can minimise them and we aren’t talking about velashape treatment in Orange County. Stretch marks first appear red, pink or even purple and over time, they lessen to silvery white and just look a little like crepe paper on the skin. Vitamin A rich oils and creams can help that process to move a little quicker so that the unsightly marks are faded faster. The most effective way to help the appearance is laser treatment but either way you will still feel the grooves in the skin.

Your body is a map of your life so having perfect skin isn’t always possible. If you’ve been lucky enough to carry a baby and experience the miracle that is childbirth, then you’ll have a lot worse scars across your body than a few tiger stripes, believe us on that one!

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The Benefits to Paper Bag Use

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These days, paper bags have more and more become a fancy trend. They have come in varied designs and customizations which would suit any customer, for any place, purpose and occasion; whether it is from groceries, or to your office, to school and any other. The popularization of paper bags may have been brought about by the wide use of the fashion industry for it. Nowadays, we see designer names and shops that peruse of paper bags that customers can carry for their purchases. These bags would be tailored to the shop’s brand logo, which are crafty in design and so visually appealing that any customer would enjoy bringing it around. Not only do you find this from fashion stores, but also several companies of varied business nature would have their own designed paper bag with their logo on it, as part of their creative promotional scheme or advertising. You can inquire of services from a Printed Paper Bags Supplier if you are looking to personalize your paper bag for you or your business, or if you are just generally looking for printed paper bags.

More than the fancy visual that paper bags come with is the functionality that it provides. Paper bags are carried around easily, that can accommodate as many items as possible. They can also be folded and tucked away neatly when not being used. The top benefit and advantage of paper bag use, other than its reusability, is that it is of biodegradable component, it can be recycled, it does not have astounding harmful effects to the environment, and it provides the practicality in its use. Paper bags are essentially paper which is a product of several processes that transform wood into paper. Just like books, newspapers or other, these are recycled again to make newly formed paper. If not recycled and just discarded, they are biodegradable which means they would just readily decompose and not potentially clog up or become a waste pile on where they are discarded at. Paper bags do not have hazardous components that would have environmentally damaging effects. They are usually cheap to avail of, especially in bulk, and they can be reused as long as you need to and as long as it is usable. They can be used for various purposes; especially groceries, putting in things to take for anywhere, or can be used as is for gifting. When no longer usable, they can be sold off to be recycled again. Paper bags are essentially environment friendly.


You might have a particular design in mind for your paper bag or if you are just looking for something different. There are a variety of paper bag suppliers that offer a wide range of paper bag types from the formal looking paper bags to the more colorful and playful looking paper bags. There are also paper bags that are for specific occasions or one you can have made to suit your preference and occasion. Printing capabilities are a perk with paper bags as this is also something you can have personalized for you.

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Men’s Fashion Basics: Top 5 Fashion Mistakes

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If you’ve noticed over the last couple of years that the number of style-conscious men has risen you would be correct. Maybe now is your time to get involved and start sloughing off the socks and sandals look and go for the more tailored and slim-line look instead. Either way, choosing to improve the way you dress is a good start and something you should do for yourself. There is a dramatic increase in fashion magazines aimed at men and the term ‘metrosexual’ is thrown around for any man who knows how and when to moisturise.

The trouble is, it can look like a minefield when it comes to getting started with your new look and the last thing you want is to be too overwhelmed by brand names of clothes out there and when phrases like Olymp shirt and Wrangler Texas pair of jeans are thrown to someone who hasn’t a clue about fashion, it can make them want to curl up into Primark’s finest and stay safe. We’ve compiled a list of the big five mistakes men make when shopping for themselves so take a look, go against the grain and shine!

  • Too big! Suits, trousers, jeans and tops; if it’s too big, send it to charity shops. Clothes that are a size or two too big for you should not have a place in your wardrobe. When you buy from brands and want to purchase a brook taverner suit, you want it to fit you and fit you well. Larger clothing doesn’t actually make you look bigger and better. Ill-fitting tops that hang off the shoulder showing the seams halfway down the upper arms actually make you look small and sloppy.
  • Baggy Trousers. Trousers you buy should never pool round the ankles as if you’re trying to mimic Coolio in the music video for Gangsters Paradise. Get yourself to a tailor, or even your gran if she’s good with a needle and deft with hemming, and get those trousers broken properly. They should sit halfway down the back of the shoe heel and no lower.
  • No to square toes. Round toes are your friend! You were not born with boxy feet and square toes so the rounded shoes are your way to go.
  • Tuck in! The absolute definition of a ‘lad’ look is to go out in smart jeans and an untucked shirt and sometimes this bleeds into the office look. Untucked office shirts are not smart nor are they nice to look at. It shows as if you don’t know how to dress yourself and let’s face it, you DO. Show off and tuck that shirt in!
  • Money money! Now you’ve sorted out your wardrobe where are you going to keep all your cards and cash? Hopefully not the same battered non-leather wallet you’ve used all this time? An awful wallet can kill your outfit so get yourself a new slimline card holder for those notes, cards and ID.
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Buying The Perfect Suit

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Men’s business suits are universally worn for work, formal occasions and even in some sixth form colleges the suit is a part of the school uniform. It screams poise, control and power and there are very few events where a man won’t be appropriate in a suit. If you’ve a firm grasp of fashion and understand exactly what suits you then you will be making the suit work for you rather than the other way around.

A suit is obviously a two – sometimes three – piece that is made up of shirt and trousers. Occasionally a suit has a waistcoat involved but generally a two piece is the most common. There are three types of suits, English style, Italian or continental style and then there’s the American sack suit.

  • English Suit: Soft and unpadded shoulders, a long hourglass body on the jacket with a high waist. Can be either double or single breasted and usually with two or three buttons. Seidensticker shirts are not the type to be worn with a suit but are great for other formal occasions.
  • Italian/Continental Suit: very lightweight, strong square shoulders, close fitting and single breasted.
  • American sack suit: natural on the shoulders and a much roomier suit

Tailored suits are the best option as a poorly fitting suit does not look right on the wearer no matter how good the quality is. Trousers should never be the focus point of a suit, as their job is to draw the eye to the jacket and not down to the legs. The fit and design of trousers is very important though as trousers that are too tight in the front or too loose at the back can look uncomfortable and too baggy so not formal enough. A Bruhl trouser also isn’t appropriate to the suit as they are casual wear trousers and not formal.

Casual slouched trousers do not fit with a suit look and if you’re going to spend the money on a full suit then going for a fully tailored experience should be the way to go. The colour of your suit choice should matter as a flamboyantly purple affair while is appropriate for Albus Dumbledore or a game show host, probably isn’t the way to go if commuting into the city for meetings. Purple is a lovely colour but perhaps choosing a grey, navy or black affair is the more appropriate choice.

Choosing a suit doesn’t have to be a painful, drawn out affair. If you know the style you’re looking for and you are going for confidence and comfort then you know exactly what to find and in which shop. Debenhams and Marks and Spencer offer a tailoring service along with shops such as Moss Bros. These services should be utilised at least once in life as having correct tailoring can help you to understand the style and colouring that suits your skin tone. Feeling confident every day you wear a suit can happen if you make it!

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Five Tips on Picking Your Own Wedding Dress

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Getting married will bring mixed emotions on the bride to be.  Finding the right wedding dress is just like finding the love of your life.  It can take some time or it could be love at first sight.  You would want to see yourself with the right dress and say you love it. Here are some tips while you’re on the hunt for an elegant wedding dress.

  1. You can be picky

This is one of the times that you can be forgiven being picky.  You can go to various wedding dress shops to look for the right one for you.  As a bride to be, finding the right dress is the most important thing to do. You can try as many wedding dresses as you like. You don’t want to be in a wedding dress that will not show your personality. Keep trying until you find the wedding dress that compliments you.

  1. Say what you want

Nobody can read your mind.  Say what you want, out loud.  Your consultant and stylist will definitely hear you out.  The main goal of their existence is to make you happy in your choice of your wedding dress. You might feel something that is missing in one dress.  You’re just in love with laces or detailing, blurt them out.  Say what you like in a dress.  Keep an open mind while working with your consultant as they have helped a lot of brides before finding their own wedding dress.

  1. Stay on a budget or better not

Getting married on a budget or not, your wedding dress follows the budgeting choice. However, most brides go for an unlimited budget. While trying out several dresses and you find the right dress within the budget.  Get your card and buy it right away.  Expensive doesn’t mean the best when it comes to wedding dresses.  What is important is you find the perfect wedding dress that you’ll love.

Trying On A Wedding Dress

  1. Listen to keywords

Whenever you show up from the dressing room you will hear comments from everyone.  They might say it looks good but something more gorgeous is fit for you. If your bridesmaids say no on a dress and that dress is not just you, it’s a no.  Your parents could become speechless and might even cry. Once you hear, that’s the dress; it could just be the one.

  1. Like it then love it

The wedding dress for you might take some time to find. A lot of time will be spent picking dresses online. Jenny Packham dresses online can help you. A lot of dress choices will be presented. You will like the changed dresses and those on the mannequins.  You couldn’t help but fall in love with the wedding dress once you find the perfect one. Ian Stuart wedding dresses online are also reliable for all your needs.

The feeling when you walk down the aisle on your wedding dress is difficult to describe.  The feeling could overwhelm you.  A lot of effort and emotions will be put on picking your own wedding dress. When it comes to choosing the right wedding dress, it could even bring you down to tears.

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Best use of printed paper bags

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Some people gives so much hate in using printed paper bags using mainstream social media bashing the disadvantages of using printed paper bags. Many people are affected by this, they are wondering if they should be worry and not using printed paper bags anymore or whether having benefits where these printed paper bags can be used again. It is very recyclable and can become useful again. But we cannot avoid that they are lots of misinformation spread through many people about the bad of using printed paper bags, and you as a consumer you should know some facts too. Paper bags have proved their usefulness at many things since their invention, and will be around for a long time yet. It is true that printed paper bags are most commonly seen and used in grocery stores or being used for gift bags, shopping cloth store, where paper bags comes with a printed formats like the store logo, company name, or even their model printed on the paper bag. It is also proven that using a printed paper bags has more benefits than using plastics, and more widely used than plastics because of their advantages in so many things. Compared to any other similar that you can use to carry things, printed paper bags have one big advantage over any of its competitors.


Printed paper bags are much cheaper, and also reusable no matter what other people say. They can be tear and get wet, but they can last much longer if you know where to store them properly. Printed paper bags can be vulnerable to tearing if they are wet, so you need to be careful where to store them if you want to use them even longer. Aside from using printed paper bags from carrying a variety of things, paper bags have also other usefulness in other situations. If you are in a situation that you need some extra wrapping a thing, then you just can use your printed paper bag, just tear it and spread it up for you extra paper bags and then, an instant wrapper for you that can be used for emergencies. It can also be used to make another bags. If you wanted to buy some good looking printed paper bags, then buy printed paper bags here.

 If you are going to carry water based materials, food or fruits, which might get your printed paper bag all wet, then you can use waterproofed paper bags instead. Why should you use a plastic since it’s toxic, and more expensive? Waterproof printed paper bags will definitely last longer time. The bad things that you can worry about using printed paper bags, is that it can be tear if not being in used with caution. There are a lot of situation that small printed paper bags can carry more than you think if you are just looking ar the smallness of it. It is good economial also; the cost is much lesser if they are compared to their counterparts.

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“New techniques on Make-up: A must-try!”

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Permanent make-up and cosmetics are ways to look good done by make-up artists to celebrities, artists, and other people who are enthusiastic about make-up. Some clients utilizing these types of cosmetics wanted to enhance their facial body part whether their eyebrows, lips, and eyes. Not only limited to the face, permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics are also used for scars in different areas in the body. If you want to disguise that burnt scar or an operation after-effect scar, consult your nearby cosmetics expert or company, and know more about these types of procedure.

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent eyebrows Cardiff, eyeliner, lips and eyes are the facial parts permanent make-up targets. Their sample results are rendered and defined eyebrows fit for celebrities and people who want to possess a face with expressive and contoured facial expressions. Used to disguise imperfections, permanent cosmetics enhance eyebrows, eyes, and lip color and definition fit for the elderly, celebrities, and people who wanted their face to be more defined. It enhances colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids.

Permanent eyebrows last longer than any type of make-up depending on its application. It is much better and users find it more convenient than having to reapply every day. Permanent eyebrows exist for users to enjoy this type of make-up in any type of occasion. Imagine having these eyebrows even when you are sleeping, taking a bath, and going to work daily. It makes one feel fabulous and glamorous at the same time.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

The existence of Semi permanent eyebrow Cardiff is also similar to the latter but can be placed very shallow beneath the skin’s epidermis, near and slightly into the dermis’s upper most part. Semi-permanent cosmetics usually have a shorter range after it has been applied. Like any other forms of make-up, semi permanent cosmetics also need maintenance when applied on the skin.

Semi-permanent makeup is also an excellent option for corrective body treatment after an accident, disease or body surgery. It also saves time for people who are on the go and need to look their best daily.

Semi Permanent Makeup Artists

Being a Cardiff semi permanent makeup artist needs a certification and expert knowledge on skin and dermatological procedures. Like in the tattoo industry, semi permanent makeup’s pressure and depth will be a bit different on each client because everyone has different types of skin. Some people have thicker layers of skin than others. The knowledge and technique on semi-permanent makeup application must be learned and mastered by semi permanent makeup artists to ensure reliability and a clean reputation that is trusted. Safety procedures must also be followed by these artists in order to prevent skin allergies and skin complications. A licensed and qualified micro pigmentation specialist will be careful and recommended by experts who have seen his/her finished products and possesses a legitimate license too. Professional makeup artists and skin experts have worked together to craft this new type of technology for customers to enjoy its worthy benefits.


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